19 Weeks Pregnancy Update - Baby #2

2:50:00 AM

Wearing: Dress from Charlotte Russe, Vest from Rue 21, Lariats from Forever 21 and Tassel Ankle Flats from Charlotte Russe.

What Fruit is your baby in size? Large Mango, about 6 inches long and over half a pound!

Due Date : January 2nd, 2019. Our first (Kiara) wad 3 days later on my birthday.

How Far Long?  19 weeks today.

Gender : Will be finding out next month once I finally reach US.

Total Weight Gain/Loss : Up 5lbs. I am desperately trying to change my eating habits which were horrific when I wasn't feeling well. The only food I was able to get through the day was a cheese toast or something spicy. Everything else was completely bad for me.

Stretch Marks : Not yet! I have few from my first one as I am a true believer that these are genetic and I am hoping they are just few or none with this second one!

Swelling : Not yet!

Maternity Clothes : I caved this week and wore some of my maternity pants. The only problem is, they are still big because I typically don't wear them until I am further long. I should really invest in a smaller size in one of them, so I will have the ability to wear them for next couple of months or so!

Belly Button : A bit out, but might pop out by next week! 

Sleep : Eh, I am already up for my restroom trips like 6 times at night. Yikes

Food Cravings : Cupcakes, Skittles, M&m's (again super healthy... clearly)

Symptoms : REFLUX and extreme pressure by the end of the day from my varicose veins!

Movement : Yes! I have been feeling the movement for a few weeks now! It is much easier to feel it sooner than the first baby!

You can read my First Timester Update here :


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  1. Oh my reflux was my nightmare You look beautiful on that stage:)

  2. Oh almost half way there! You look great! I didn't get a single stretch mark with any of my 5, my mum got loads though so not sure if it's genetic or not!

  3. I do not miss the nausea, mine lasted six months it was brutal. I also did not get any stretch marks! I worked out just about everyday of my pregnancy including 2 hours before my water broke.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have a few pregnant coworkers and we always ask what fruit her baby is every week haha. It's actually a great way to relate because everyone is pretty familiar with fruits. It's just crazy how it can go from a grape to a mango to a watermelon in just a few months!

    May from http://www.lavieenmay.com

  5. You are blooming and still super pretty with your animal print outfit. It seems that your cravings are more into sweets, just be careful. I cannot wait for the gender reveal.

  6. Ahh, the difficult days are coming. It's crazy how the body changes when pregnant, but is totally worth it.

  7. I'm curious. Freeze framing on what you listed as your "cravings," it looks like you really want the sugary stuff. Do you typically like those kinds of things when you're not pregnant?

  8. yay! congratulations! enjoy your journey and im excited for your baby reveal!

  9. The outfit does look pretty darn adorable on you. And you always look so amazingly stylish in all your outfits, even while pregnant. Simply fabulous.


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